Best Toilet Story

We were at a tiny seaside restaurant. Tables and chairs on the beach, kitchen in the palapa. The restroom was outside, off to the side.
No toilet paper, of course, but I was prepared. 
After using the toilet, I went to flush, but there was no handle available. I looked for a button to push or chain to pull, but there was none.
“Okay,” I thought, “I’ll take the top of the tank off and lift the flapper.”
I lifted off the top and began to reach inside. Came to an abrupt stop.
The tank was filled with plastic fishies and starfish!
Then I remembered that just outside the door there was a large plastic tub full of water. Sure eoungh, a bucket sat right beside it.
Flush, flush.


3 thoughts on “Best Toilet Story

  1. Brave woman, to lift the top off the tank in Mexico …

  2. If it’s yellow, let it mellow. Water conservation 101.

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