Bisbee Pride

Bisbee’s Gay Pride Weekend is here again. The day started off with a parade, and somehow I managed to end up in it. That wasn’t what I’d planned. I just wanted some photos but got sucked in to the festivities. I walked with my partner, and a group of gay men cheered us for being straight and still being in the parade.

Crowds lined the street downtown.


The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence were here again.


A fabulous bus from the Burning Man festival was in the parade, too, carrying some wonderfully dressed folks.

bus side

Two women painted their breasts in the rainbow colors and proudly walked the parade route.


And there were even gay zombies.


Ah, Bisbee!



8 thoughts on “Bisbee Pride

  1. oh my! it looks like everyone had a great day! the photos make me smile!

    1. It surely was a great day. Pride Weekend brings more color to this small town than another event, and we have many.

  2. This is a very colorful weekend in Bisbee!

  3. Best wishes from Provincetown! Looks like a great time was had by all!

    1. Thanks, Charles. Glad you’re reading some of my stuff.

  4. There is a gay parade in Oslo too, I believe this weekend, but not in my small village of course. Nothing happens here. 😉

    1. Bisbee is a town of under 7,000 people. I had thought it was probably the smalls town in the country with a Pride celebration, but that is not true. There are towns of under 2,000 that have day-long celebrations!

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