Camping! Time to take the Aliner to the lake.

Cinda came over and we popped her up easily. The inside was quite dusty, but then as we cleaned it out we found the camper had been leaking. Thankfully, no mold. We got the insides all cleaned out and were ready for the next part.

Keys. Well, the keys were on the key rack hanging inside the back door. But then the wall was sheet rocked, and I have no idea where the workers put the key rack. Or the keys. And I am not able to find out.

I called the neighborhood locksmith. Retired. No idea who else might give it a try. I called area trailer parts places and they referred me to Aliner. I wrote to Aliner on their secure website. They no longer make the lockset and referred me to a local RV Center. This could go round and round.

So we can’t lock the trailer up. Okay. We’ll live with that. Anything valuable gets locked in the car.

Next, the front, by the hitch, has a retractable wheel that can be lowered to move the trailer around. The wheel is removable and the retractable part is used to stabilize the trailer. There is a piece of metal used to join the two pieces. That metal tube was missing.

Trini, the amazing man who works for me sometimes, found a piece of metal – not the original piece – and made it work. Hooray!

Get the little triangular levelers to put under each corner? Check. Long mirrors to attach to the car so I can see around the Aliner? Check.

Put the tow bar in and move her into place! Woo!!!

Tow bar? Where’s the tow bar?

I last used it a few months ago to tow a junk trailer to the yard to fix up and use to haul things away from here (big trash, broken washing machine, etc.) Now, just where did the tow bar go after that? I cannot recall, nor can my partner. We both remembered seeing it certain places, and Trini and I have  looked everywhere. No tow bar.

Clearly it is somewhere. Make that Somewhere with a capital S. But exactly where is, at this point, a mystery.

So instead of camping tomorrow, Cinda and another friend are coming and we’re emptying the carport and getting rid of stuff.

Woo! Carport cleaning!

Addendum: tow bar was found during the carport cleaning. Camping soon!

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12 thoughts on “Camping

  1. There’s always something that comes up when getting ready to head out, isn’t there? Enjoy!

    1. I WILL enjoy! She’s ready to roll. I have to be out of town about twelve days and then … Road Trip!

  2. glad you are going to take her out…she has been waiting for you!!!

    1. When I get back from Louisville – before or after a Mom visit!

  3. Glad it’s all coming together, even if a little later than hoped :). Sounds as if the carport cleaning were serendipitous. Happy travels before and ON your road trip, Emilie!

  4. Thanks. And that carport was w-a-y overdue!

  5. I thoroughly enjoyed reading your post. It is a great story and I felt as if I were there. I will return. Joy and hugs, Barbara

    1. Thanks, Barbara – and I LOVE your blog title!

      1. Thank you so much for your kind words. Those two words literally express who I am in a nutshell. Hugs, Barbara

  6. I didn’t realize carports could collect things like a garage does. Somehow I thought things in the garage would escape if they had the chance. Carports must work on a totally different set of rules. Good story.

    1. I suppose all the junk stayed put because it was terrified to go out into the harsh Arizona desert!

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