Lazy Day with Girlfriends

It was a lazy day with girlfriends. Girlfriends? GIRL friends? We are all in our (late) 60s. But that is what we are and have been for many, many years. Did I mention I met Karen when we were both three years old?

Friday was a day of no plans. I’d sworn to myself I’d write a post for each day, but there is so little to say for today!

We had lunch out, wandered a few shops that were far too expensive for me, and roamed the beach a bit at sunset. I even got a nap which is something very rare for me.


A sand sculpture at the Marriott. We had lunch in one of their restaurants.

K-K-E at lunch

Kris, Karen and me – lunch at a beach restaurant.

L-E -KaA

Linda, me and Karen after (too much) lunch


Conch chowder and sweet potato fries!



And of course, there was a lot of chatting and reminiscing. A true day of memories. Sometimes one of us would mention something and the other three would laugh or jump into the story. At other times, one of us would mention something and the other three would stare at her blankly. But we found that the four of us together could come up with so many memories and stories! Far more than any one, two, or even three of us could.

The day of memories was followed by a light dinner, a glass of wine.

Now, Karen said this post was a bit boring, so I do have to add we also met a mermaid.


Linda and Kris meet the mermaid.

Tune in tomorrow – we’re taking an airboat ride!


9 thoughts on “Lazy Day with Girlfriends

  1. Nothing better than spending time with long-time friends.

    1. Donna, we hadn’t seen each other in twenty-six years!!! And we picked up right where we’d left off.

  2. Women who still know how to be girls are the smart ones!

    1. That’s for sure! Thanks for following – and commenting.

  3. Girlfriends is “legal”. For a while, we need to emphasize womanhood/adulthood, but both along the way, and in the long run, girlfriends and boyfriends are words we continue to use. Now, in my 60s, I am enchanted by this song about girlfriends…

    1. Thanks, Debbie! Such an odd words at this age. I struggle with it.
      Thanks for following my blog!

  4. lucindasagemidgorden January 13, 2015 — 11:10 am

    Sr. Kathryn who runs The Sophia Center says that girl stands for, Goddess in real life. That’s what you girls are.

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