To Edisto Island!

On Monday morning I was up before three a.m. InTucson to pack a few last minute items and get out the door before four.

It is odd getting to the airport in the dark, but it was so worth it to head out on this wonderful trip to South Carolina.

I had to change planes in Chicago at Midway Airport – not quite a direct line to South Carolina, but so much more pleasant than having to change planes in somewhere like Dallas or Atlanta. I pretty much hate big airports!

We got off the ground on time and went straight into the clouds so I couldn’t see a thing even though I had a window seat.


Soon we were in total cloud.

Part of the family was there to meet me in Charlotte, then off we went down two-lane roads to Edisto Island where the family had rented a house on the beach.


When I first read of this place, I pronounced it in my head as it would be pronounced in Spanish: eh- DED-stow. Wrong. It’s ED-iss-toe.

Most of the beach houses are big and likely very pricey.


We have a smaller, older place that though it is a bit worn, is just perfect for us.


Complete with a simple outdoor shower.


I had my choice of places to sleep: I could have shared a room with four females ages five to thirty-three, or I could have the old porch, totally enclosed by windows, with a view of the beach. Hard choice, right?

Here’s my view.


And here’s our path to the beach.


The beach is a nice, gentle slope into deliciously warmish water.

Tomorrow, if the weather holds, we’re off to Savannah, Georgia, to wander that beautiful city for a while. But based on the clouds you can see over our neighbors’ houses, I am not counting on it.

Either way, I’ll be back with more photos soon.



26 thoughts on “To Edisto Island!

  1. Looks like a beautiful place!

    1. It is, Kris and a few more posts of beauty to come!

  2. Looks beautiful. Glad that you can all enjoy each other.

  3. Thanks Emilie, it looks & sounds like a GREAT adventure….xoxox

  4. Great pics Emilie! Have a wonderful time!

    1. I promise, I will have a wonderful time!

  5. Wow! Such a wonderful place!! Enjoy it and send more pictures!!!

  6. Makes me want to go there and see that view from the porch. Enjoy.

    1. Faye, it is quite wonderful. Wait until you read about the turtles!

  7. Looks fabulous! I’m turning green 😀

    1. Ah, Jack yesterday there was a beautiful storm. The ocean was all riled up.a lightening filled the sky. Thunder shook the house. I loved it!

  8. Wow! Emilie – You really know how to do a great blog!
    Loved the pictures and the map and the description – all great
    and brought us right there! Have a Fabulous Time!!! xox

    1. Thanks, Ruby. Sadly, I have to leave soon.

  9. Finally catching up and able to read your blog. Lovely pics and a lovely place. How can I subscribe so I’ll always know when you post?

    1. There is a link somewhere on the page. I don’t know where because I don’t see it that way!

  10. Emilie, It all sounds and looks fabulous…including your sleeping quarters! Have a blast soaking up all that ocean magic. xx

    1. Ocean magic, for sure. I would live there. I’d abandon my home in the West. First time I’ve seriously considered doing so.

  11. Emilie, what can I say? It looks absolutely gorgeous! Perfect location with the pathway directly down to the beach. Sitting in the porch looking down at the ocean, listening to the grass moving in the wind….I am dreaming away here already….Can’t wait to see more photos from this perfect getaway!

  12. Sounds like a lovely vacation. Enjoy.

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