Maine, Days One and Two

Day One: Departure, Arrival

Barbara and I flew out of Tucson while most of the city was still sleeping. As soon as we hit cruising altitude, I fell asleep and awoke just as we entered the Dallas area.


Smooth landing, quick dash to a new terminal, and then we were on the plane to Philadelphia.

On this leg of the flight I managed to read a while but still caught a nap.

In Philadelphia, a major cross-airport hike took us from Terminal A to Terminal F. We needed the hike by then after sitting and sitting. And sitting. Then we boarded and sat some more.

We landed in Portland, Maine, a little early and walked through the small but lovely airport. Can you imagine a terminal with seating areas filled with couches and rocking chairs? That’s Portland’s airport.


We soon had our bags and then our car. Warning! At Dollar rentals, a second driver costs $13/day! It is only $5/day at Budget. Keep that in mind the next time you travel with a friend. We surely will. Foxx, by the way, does not charge for a second driver. Sadly, there was no Foxx here.

We made one wrong turn but corrected quickly, and soon we were headed south on Highway 1, traveling a short distance to Saco. However, in the dark and the rain, it seemed a bit long of a drive. Just as we were sure we had passed our turn, I pulled into the left turn lane to make a u-turn and voila! The street where I was making the u-turn was the street we needed to turn on,

We checked into our motel then headed out to the Sea Salt Lobster House for steamy bowls of creamy clam chowder, some calamari on the side. And hey, some chocolate cake for dessert. We were smart and split the cake.


Long, tiring day, but here were are in Maine. As we flew in we saw acres of green dotted with fall’s fancy ladies: the maples and elms and other hardwoods all decked out in reds and golds. Hopefully it will clear tomorrow so we can do some dry wandering rather than soggy wandering.


Day two: Wandering in the Rain

We awoke to find we had missed sunrise except we hadn’t really missed it at all. Heavy, heavy skies meant all there had been was a lightening of the color from black to deep gray, so gray that most of my photos for the day look like black and whites.

We ran across some wild turkeys.


We first wandered south from Saco to Kennebunkport.


Lovely little area where we found a grocery/deli/coffeehouse/bookstore/post office. The yang man behind the butcher counter insisted we must, must try a Maine specialty: the Whoopie Pie. And he said if we weren’t going to buy it, he would buy it for us.


We succumbed.

Between us we ate less than half. Enough sugar to induce diabetic coma if we had even split the whole. We may nibble on a little more today.

North to Old Orchard Beach.


We wandered town and had the privilege to witness a proposal on the beach! We encountered a young woman setting out photos, jars of lights, and sprinkling rose petals. She was excited and quit nervous as she waited for her girlfriend to arrive.

It was a “yes,” and we went up to be the first to congratulate them.


North to Pine Point where Barbara stuck with clam chowder and I opted for the halibut chowder. We shared a large salad.


North to Cape Elizabeth where we visited Fort Williams Park.

There we stood in front of one lighthouse and could see two others! Maine is a lighthouse lover’s dream!


Then north some more, past Portland to Topsham where we stayed with our Couchsurf host Michael. What a great guy! He had six of us staying with him last night! The others leave today, we leave tomorrow. What will Michael do all alone? He has been hosting for years and says, with a big smile, that he hasn’t traveled the world but the world has come to hm. A wonderful guy providing a wonderful service.


Enjoying a meal with Michael and fellow Couchsurfer Rachel, from China.



26 thoughts on “Maine, Days One and Two

  1. Great pictures as usual!! I loved the airport with rocking chairs. And I want a bumpah stickah!! Lovely places and wonderful pictures but I want to see the colorful trees, please, there aren’t many over here!

  2. If we get some sun, you will get photos. Actually, it is,supposed to be mostly sunny for the next four days – the days of our schooner trip! Lotsa photos coming, I hope!

  3. great travelog

  4. Enjoyed all of it and especially the pic of the airport waiting room with couches and rocking chairs!!!

    1. It was so surprising! It made me want to sit down and rad the paper.

  5. I feel like I’m there with you. We enjoyed wild turkeys in Vermont this summer.

  6. Just lovely! Enjoy your time there and can’t wait to see more pictures. I hope to visit Maine one day! Thanks for sharing, Emilie :)!!

  7. Portland rocks! (or at least it does at the airport). Sounds like fun trip.

  8. how lucky to witness a proposal. glad she accepted.

  9. David Fredmonsky October 4, 2016 — 1:58 pm

    A lovely trip enhanced by good friends! I enjoy all of your photos and commentary. I look forward two more descriptions of Great Adventure.

    1. Fabulous! Just off the schooner. Wow!

  10. What a beautiful adventure!! I love it!

  11. So glad that you are enjoying an adventure that is so different from our high desert country, Emilie. Lovely photos!

    1. So very different and I am loving it!

  12. Thanks Emilie. I love the NE in the fall, a nd drool thinking about lobster.
    Happy Birthday from Moonk

  13. You, Emilie, are a great blogger – thanks for the colorful info! Glad you’re having such a well time!

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