Bisbee B.R.A.T.S

Who goes to a rolling art car parade, fully intending to write a blog post, and gets there without a camera? Apparently I do, so these photos were taken with my cell phone, an old iPhone with a not-so-good camera. Sorry they’re blurry.

The Bisbee Rolling Arts Transport Society (B.R.A.T.S) holds a parade each year. I think the only rules are to be creative and use no mechanization.

First, a few people walking.

And then some more walking plus some rolling things. Most in this group were part of a penguin contingent.

Now here are this year’s cars. Colonel Sanders sat in his bucket and tossed chicken feathers.


Vince even rolled along in his wheelchair.

Here is the last photo, a Sandhills Crane. The photo I took during the parade had its head cut off.

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21 thoughts on “Bisbee B.R.A.T.S

  1. It looked like great fun! And inventive!

    1. Bisbee is full or artists and fun seekers. There’s always something going on!

  2. Thanks for documenting the parade … I missed it but now I get a little taste of it… What a wonderful grasshopper ride.

    1. Sorry you missed it, Colleen. I think it was the best one I’ve seen so far.

  3. It looks like everyone had a blast! I loved the inventiveness of all the participants, and the little penguins were sooo cute!!!

    1. There were a lot more penguins but I didn’t want to show them all. It WAS fun! I think this was the tenth year, and it gets better every year.

  4. What FUN! There can never be too many parades.

    1. Bisbee loves parades, especially odd ones. This spring we even had a ( very small) Return of the Buzzards parade.

  5. I’m glad to see that Frankenstein was able to carry his bride across the finish line. Had some difficulties at the beginning. I like your finish line photos, Emilie, sharp with a great Bisbee background. I’ll be posting the starting line photos tomorrow.

    1. Many not so sharp. My phone doesn’t like moving subjects!

  6. Looks like huge fun! Weird and wacky – well done Bisbee!

    1. Weird and wacky. That sums up this place!

  7. Great fun – I would go as the muffin:)

    1. Inger, I’d join you! Or maybe we could come up with something even crazier.

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